Varya Perimeter

Varya Perimeter's surveillance software

The software of the Varya Perimeter system is user friendly and displays all the necessary information both about the working flow and the technical state. 

fig. 13 - Operating screen for PCO dispatchers ("Areas online" agenda)

fig. 14 - Operating screen for users ("Detectors online" agenda)

fig. 15 - Operating screen for technicians ("Detectors online" agenda)

2D/3D view - visualization

The interface of Varya Perimeter system enables displaying online 2D/3D visualization of an object, online. The basis for ground visualization can be imported in PNG format.

fig. 16 - A glance on the screen - Varya Perimeter - 2D view

fig. 17 - A glance on the screen - Varya Perimeter - 3D view