Varya Perimeter

Layout of automatic control of analogue PTZ cameras

In the event of a perimeter breach, the Varya Perimeter system automatically guides the PTZ cameras to the incident site by direct control. It uses the so-called presets, where each preset of the respective camera is logically linked to a specific detector (or set of FLA detectors). Varya Perimeter can control several PTZ cameras simultaneously. If the intruder climbs over the fence in one place only, then all PTZ cameras are directed to the site of the incident. If intruders climb over the fence e.g. at two locations, then one PTZ camera is turned to one location and other PTZ camera to the other location of the incident, to avoid loss of information.

Fig. 10 - Layout of the Varya Perimeter system - PTZ cameras

Architecture of automatic control of PTZ cameras

The Varya Perimeter system can control all analog PTZ cameras with Pelco-D control protocol or implemented cameras directly from the FLU unit. Other types of IP cameras can be implemented into the Varya Perimeter system as well, upon agreement with the manufacturer.

Fig. 11a - Architecture of the IP - PTZ camera system Fig. 11b - Architecture of the IP - PTZ camera system

Supported IP PTZ cameras