Varya Perimeter

System's architecture

fig. 6 - Varya Perimeter system’s architecture in a closed perimeter

The system can be closed (see fig. 6) or unclosed (see fig. 7), which determines the number of required FLM units. The FLM  monitoring unit communicates with the first two and the last two FLA detectors and is connected to the FLU central unit by cable via RS485 bus or LAN network. If logic outputs on the central unit aren’t enough, you can use FLE or FLQ expander, which enables an interconnection with ESS via logic inputs and outputs. The ESS panel sends an information to perimetric system, about which areas should be guarded / unguarded, and vice versa, perimetric system sends an information to ESS, in which areas was a perimeter disruption, a sabotage, failures, etc. The whole system is configured via Varya Perimeter system and enables remote supervision and monitoring, via the Internet. Max number of detectors in the system is 600 pcs.

Fig. 06 - Disposition - closed perimeter

Fig. 07 - Disposition - unclosed perimeter

fig. 8 - Disposition of RF channels partition in very large perimeters II.