Varya Perimeter

FLA detector

FLA detector is designed for perimeter protection and is suitable for any fence (wire mesh) construction types. The acceleration sensor of FLA detector senses dynamic changes in wire mesh position. The detector is able to detect climbing over or cutting through a fence, tilt of the fence, and all climatic effects (wind, hailstorm, etc.). Detectors automatically measure the mechanical-kinetic quality of the fence, which is then calibrated by SW. The electronics of the detector is casted by a special substance, to resist climatic effects. Two special ER17505H "A" 3.6V 3400mAh batteries for outdoor and impulse use are user-replaceable after removal. 

101 - detector_FLA-06

FLA detectors have the following features:

Construction dimensions

fig. 1 - FLA-06 detector construction dimensions

fig. 2 - battery pack separated from FLA-06 detector

The electronics of the detector is casted by a special substance, to withstand climatic influences. Two special "A" ER17505H 3.6V, 3400 mAh batteries for outdoor and impulse use are user-replaceable after removal of the cover plate and a subsequent opening of plastic cover of detector. The new battery pack is soldered to the detector by two wires. After replacement of batteries, the detector's body is closed by new rubber seal, which is a part of the service battery pack. 

Assembly drawing of FLA-06 with mounting parts

Mounting drawing of FLA with T13 mounting part

Mounting drawing of FLA-06 with T14 mounting part

FLR USB RFID receiver for measuring and configuration of RFID detectors

106 - FLR-03 USB receiver

The FLR receiver is a mandatory equipment for any trained technician. It is used for measuring and configuration of the system, measuring of RSSI radio signals, for changing the detector's ID and other parameters. Details are described in the Varya Perimeter configuration manual. An integral part of FLR is the Perimon software.

The method of installation of detectors on the wall for purposes of relayed signals

Detectors placed on the wall serve only for relayed transmission of signal in perimeter. They are set so that they don't trigger alarm during vibrations (wind, etc.). FLA tamper detection is set on these detectors, to detect its unmounting from the wall by the intruder. Consoles ensure the detector's necessary distance from the wall by approximately 20 cm. Consoles for FLA-06 can be extra-ordered, see Ronyo price list. 

107 - FLA-06 console 108 - FLA-06 console