Varya Perimeter

Varya Perimeter system description

The Varya Perimeter system serves for fence guarding, using wireless RFID acceleration detectors that are attached to the structure of the fence. Varya Perimeter is suitable for all types of standard fences and gates. The detectors automatically measure the fence's mechanical quality. Thanks to this measurement, you can perform a SW calibration of the damaged area of the fence. This intelligence of the system ensures a high resistance to weather conditions (wind, rain, hailstorm, etc.). The functionality of all RFID detectors is checked twice a day. The advantage of the system lies in the ability to detect uninstallation of detectors, tilt of the fence, or cutting through the fence. The installation of the system is very easy and quick and the system requires little maintenance, provided that regular revisions are ensured. The batteries in the detectors are user-changeable and its lifetime is about 8 years, while the expectancy of operational lifetime of the detectors is demonstrably longer than that of the detection cable of "conventional systems". Varya Perimeter enables communication with all types of ESS, and many of the most commonly used types of PTZ cameras.  The system precisely turns PTZ cameras to the place of incident, online. The know-how of technology is registered as an international invention. The outputs of Varya Perimeter system may be integrated into the superstructure surveillance systems, using SAP, or SNMP-2 protocol, after consultation with the manufacturer. 

Fig. 1 - The principle of system's functioning and the detection of intruder

FLA acceleration detectors detect any movements at the fence, and the dynamic changes that are caused by the intruder while climbing or cutting the fence, using 3-axis acceleration sensor and an electronic gyroscope. The individual FLA detectors communicate with each other at the principle of sequential wireless relayed transmission. 

FLA detectors placement on different types of fences

Fig. 02 - installation of FLA detectors on the fence of type A

Fig. 03 - installation of FLA detectors on the fence type B

Fig. 04 - installation of FLA detectors on the fence type C

Fig. 05 - installation of FLA detectors on gate

All detectors have their own unique ID number. This allows an exact localization of perimeter intrusion. Installation of detectors is performed by means of two gate screws. The detectors are placed on the fence in the inner side of the guarded object. Its special design doesn't allow an access to mounting nuts. Although the detector can detect the uninstallation (even in disarmed mode), you can order safety nuts with a special key for the installation. 

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