The architecture of "A" variant

The RLS detectors are powered by and communicate via RS485 bus that is terminated in FLM monitoring unit, which communicates with the RLU central unit. The RLS detectors are connected by FTP cable. The Merya RTLS system requires no computer or software at the installation site. All modules work as embedded (without the need of a computer). This fact guarantees a very high stability and an independent functioning of the entire system!

MERYA RTLS architecture, option A

The architecture of "B" variant

RLS detectors are powered form a local 7-28 V source. The RLS detectors cummunicate via radio signal with nearest FLM monitoring unit. The radio range between RLS detectors and FLM unit depends on antenna type (max. 80-120 m). 

MERYA RTLS architecture, option B