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Ronyo Technologies s.r.o.

Ronyo Technologies s.r.o. deals with the applied development and production of intelligent RFID detectors and technologies. Among our most sophisticated systems is the wireless perimeter system VARYA PERIMETER.

The VARYA PERIMETER wireless perimeter system is used for guarding the perimeter - fencing any large area. For 16 years, Varya Perimeter has been the only known wireless perimeter system for "Top security" objects, certified to the 4th level of security according to the European standard CELEX 32017D1483. Its know-how is protected by an international patent. The fence and fence gates are guarded using FLA wireless RFID detectors that do not require any wiring. The wireless RFID system Anarya Alarm serves for object protection of objects, equipment or images in museums.

The MERYA RTLS system is used to monitor the movement of people in buildings using personal RFID tags and to ensure work safety monitoring. Personal tags can detect a lying, motionless person or their fall from a height and SOS calls. The Merya RTLS Mobile system is used for monitoring the movement of people in and out of buildings, as well as for monitoring the work safety of workers using standard mobile phones with a security application. The MERYA RTLS system can also be used to monitor the movement of forklift trucks in or around industrial halls.


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