Manual tag tracing using a smartphone

The Merya RSSI app (for Android OS) is used, among other things, for a physical searching for RFID tag. The app in the smartphone can (via FLR module) communicate by a radio signal e.g. with only one particular tag, whose ID number is entered into app by user. It displays a signal strength and the status of searched tag (whether the searched tag is e.g. at slightest movement). The shortest detectable distance between the tag and phone is about 20 cm. The longest detectable distance at direct visibility is about 40 m. The person who is searching for the tag in the app can switch the searched tag (which already receives signal) to a faster mode of communication (every 500 ms). In standard mode of beacon transmitting, the period may be longer, e.g. 3 s. 

fig. B - application settings

fig. C - example of tag search

fig. D - phone with a FLR receiver

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