Merya RTLS - Mobile

Merya RTLS integration to other supplementary SW systems

The Merya RTLS software enables integration to other superior SW systems. Communication with these superior systems is ensured directly by RLU central unit, which has an integrated standard configurable SNMP-2 communication protocol. The RLU central unit then sends (in real time) detailed messages about alarm events, for example: person is lying, immobility, free fall, SOS call, person in the area, unauthorized stay in the area, passage through doors, incognito passage, etc. Some GPRS routers can receive these SNMP messages and automatically forward them as SMS message to a phone number. Thanks to this method, the number of types of these SMS messages is reduced to about 40. 

As a further exemplary use of integration, it is possible to connect the RLU central unit with Milestone CCTV system’s database. During alarm events, the RLU sends and stores (in the CCTV system’s database) the description of event and the series of "strings", by which Milestone then enables to confortably search for videos of alarm event. Possible query: Find all videos in which the user "Koudelka" had detected an event "immobility" in the hall "A-expedition". 

Merya RTLS also enables HW integration with other systems using FLE expanders with 16 logic outputs, FLQ expanders with 8 logic inputs, or using RLS personal tag readers that can send an information that tag was put near reader, to other systems, via standard Wiegand interface.

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