FLA-07 detector

Jan. 17, 2022

Basic features of FLA-07

  • detection of climbing over or cutting through a fence
  • detector tilt detection
  • suitable for any standard fence types
  • acceleration sensor self-test every 12 hours
  • integrated function "object guarding"

Differences from the FLA-06 detector

  • new digital acceleration sensor
  • new detector design
  • new method and type of lid sealing
  • the rear cover is attached with BN 158 58/A2 TORX 3,5x20 mm screws
  • several variants of the detector: with logic input and output, with SMA connector for external antenna
  • two RF basebands (Europe, South Korea / USA)
  • batteries from a new supplier
  • battery pack is no longer an integral part of the lid
  • minimum operating voltage of the detector has been reduced to 2.2 V
  • larger operating temperature range (-40°C / +60°C)