About us

Bulding of company Ronyo Technologies s.r.o.

The Ronyo Technologies Ltd. company is engaged in applied development and production of RFID and RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) technologies. The technology of intelligent detectors is based on active RFID tags, however, supplemented by a range of special sensors and artificial intelligence. Our most frequently used and most sophisticated detectors include shake, tilt, movement and stillness sensors and sensors detecting a person climbing perimeter fence or a person cutting a fence mesh.

Wireless RFID system Varya Perimeter is used for perimeter - fence guarding. This RFID perimetric system is certified to security level 4, according to ČSN EN. Fence and fence gates are guarded by wireless RFID detectors, which require no wiring. Wireless RFID system Anarya Alarm is used for object protection of items, goods, objects, material, equipment or exhibits in museums.

The Merya RTLS RFID system is used to monitoring the movement of persons in buildings and outside of them and also for monitoring the safety of workers using personal RFID tags. Personal tags can detect lying, immobility of person, or a person's fall from a height and SOS call. The Merya RTLS Mobile system is used to monitor the movement of persons in buildings and outside of them and also for monitoring the safety of workers using standard mobile phones with a security application. The Merya RTLS Forklift system is used for monitoring movement of forklifts in industrial buildings or in their surroundings.